What’s your perfect family photo?

Yes, we are usually the family behind the camera lens.

This time, it was our turn to be in front of the camera to take our own personal family photo. When taking photos of a family, it is incredibly important to incorporate personality and a sense of “realness”. We ask ourselves: what are three things our family loves?

For us, these three things were:

  1. Unique Fashion. – We can be a little quirky, and we definitely have our own sense of style. Choosing our clothes played a key role in this photoshoot and we wanted to collaborate our fashion interests.
  2. The countryside. – Our little family loves to explore new places, and we especially love the countryside. We found a gorgeous area outside of Hesperia, CA with open land and greenery (which we don’t see much of in the desert of Southern California). We stopped at our location and asked the landowner if we could take some photos with his permission, and he accepted our request! The view was undeniable.
  3. Simpleness. – We wanted our family photos to show us in a very natural state; that we are close-knit and intimate (even though our daughter was cranky after a short nap!)


Want to know more about our fashion? Details below!

The three primary colors we chose for our clothing were black, white, and grey (technically denim) with a hint of my brown leather coat.

However, sometimes in life, things do not always go as planned!

We would have loved to incorporate Aria in more of the photos, but as some parents have experienced, she was very cranky after we woke her up from a nap in her car seat. We orblog1iginally planned on her wearing a cute, straw hat and some white floral sandals (to match Mommy’s floral headband), but she was not having it. It all turned out okay though, she still had an adorable chambray shirt dress from Old Navy and we caught her in a nice, calm mood in the two photos above!

Click here to get it now!

Megan did some early spring shopping at Charlotte Russe and chose a black and white striped bodycon dress with a belted faux leather jacket (brown). We wanted her jacket to bring out an edgier side to the southern family photo shoot. In some photos, we decided to put a simple and white flower crown (Claire’s) in her hair. Also, her make-up was done by Cheeksmakeup and her Youtube channel will be included below!

Love the leather jacket? Click here

Looking for a new dress for spring? Find it here

Interested in flower crowns? Many to choose from here

Make sure to check out Cheeksmakeup’s Youtube channel here

For this photoshoot, Jared wore a Brixton Mayfield II Hat to keep that southern charm during the shoot. He also purchased his first denim jacket EVER from H&M to tie into his daughter’s liblog6blog5ttle dress (the picture shown below is NOT the same as used in the family shoot, Jared has a dark blue denim. This was the closest we could find online!)

Find the hat here

Shop denim jackets here


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