Adventures in Antelope Valley


Our family decided to venture out to Antelope Valley where the poppies are in full bloom! The view was beautifully intense, the land was covered in an orange blanket, and though many people had our same idea to visit this area on a Saturday afternoon, it was still so peaceful!

This was the PERFECT location for photographers, which we saw left and right while walking through the flowers. So there we were, another family taking some memorable photos.

The hills were vibrant with warm colors, so we decided to incorporate cooler toned clothing. Aria’s shirt was from target which you can find by clicking here and her capri’s were only $5 from target which you can find here. Her shoes are now on sale at Old Navy for under $7 here, then we found a light denim headband to put the final touches on her apparel!

Then, as always, we ended our day finding a local restaurant (Azteca) not too far from the poppy fields. We highly recommend this place for family gatherings and a way to let your children run around and have fun!

DON’T FORGET to check out our video below to get more of an insight to our family fun day in Antelope Valley! Enjoy 🙂

To view on YouTube, click here !

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