All About Wish Well

We are a family of three: mother, father, and a perfect little human named Aria.

We began this blog to show what our world is like behind the camera lens. We love to explore all aspects of life and want to share our passion of photography, parenthood and traveling to the people around us. We thank every single person who comes across our blog, and we hope to create a relationship with each and every one of you!

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Keep reading for some fun facts about us!

JARED: “I am horrible when it comes to knowing movies. Like, really horrible… for example, I’ve never actually seen Stars Wars. Funny story, I’ve actually been kicked out of a movie store for have never seeing Star Wars. I used to play guitar in a metal band, but now I play love songs. Writing lyrics and poems is my happy place! I take photos of people with a camera, and I consider my camera a second child to me. I’ve been to 48 states and 3 countries, and now my goal is to do it all over again with my family (and a camera in my hand).”

MEGAN: “I am always jumping from hobby to hobby, such as painting to writing poetry to hiking to crafting and the list goes on! I’ve spent the majority of my life traveling, locally and globally. My favorite thing to do EVER is pack a bag and just drive on the road to places far and near. Something about road trips and seeing unique, beautiful places gives me a sense of clarity. Now being a mother, I want my daughter to be exposed to everything this world has to offer! I love the beach, the mountains, the countryside… I am so many things wrapped up in a tiny 5’1″body!”

ARIA: “Aria may be a small, one and a half year old little girl, but she has a personality bigger than most grown adults! She has a true obsession with dogs. She likes to pet them, kiss them, brush their teeth and bark to them in her own unique language. We could take her anywhere and she would be more than happy to explore her surroundings and make it her own place. Aria loves being in the kitchen (and trying to cook), being a ‘clean-freak’, dancing to any genre of music, playing her dad’s guitar, and going on long, adventurous walks.”